How I got 7500 Twitter followers in just 4 months

Twitter Followers in 4 monts

You have probably stumbled on tons of posts on how to get more followers on Twitter, so why is this special? Because it actually works! It worked with me and I want to show you how so it can work for you as well. My first post on this blog was in fact about beginner tools for Twitter, and that seems a very long time ago.

I have already been sharing this technique with a few close friends and they have been impressed, so I thought I should sharing with everyone.

At the time I started to write this post I had 7500 followers that you can confirm here that 99% are real followers. Also, I am  on 267 liststhat increased from around 30 and my Klout score jumped from 50 to 65.

So what I am going to show you is not any sort of scheme or dodgy tricks, it really worked and I don´t waste more than 15 minutes on it every day. Continue reading

5 Twitter tools – Beginner’s guide

Browsing the web quickly you soon realize that you can find tons of tools that can help you grasping Twitter and maximise your presence and engagement.

The hard part is to select which ones to use and which ones suit best your purposes.

If you, like me, are a beginner in this world this list is for you. I am listing the five must have tools to your entry on the Twitter world.

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