10 Top Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Community Manager


On my last two posts I have created a list of inspiring Pinterest accounts and other one with great Instagram tools but recently I have dedicated a lot of time to read a lot of what these guys have to say about Social Media: Jeff Bullas, Gary Vaynerchuk  and Kim Garst.

Why? Well, these guys know a lot of Social Media and Online Marketing are part of this world you need to be constantly learning new things.

There’s a close link between my introductory line and the content of this post and I explain why. These authors are real authorities on Social Media, they talk about it, they write about it, they study about it, and they are the first ones to implement new tricks and techniques. What I mean is that there are people that dedicate tons of time to this brave new world. And in the other hand I see many companies neglecting the fact that they need to hire a professional to manage their Social Networks.

I have put together a list of 10 reasons why you should be considering to hire a Community Manger for your company today! Continue reading

The 5 best mobile apps to find a job + 2 Bonus

The 5 Best mobile apps to find a job

One of the most complicated tasks nowadays seems to be to get a job. Millions of people look for jobs online hoping to change they life and get a new job. Not long ago I wrote an article about the importance of your CV and how to make more appealing with some creative tips. In this article will show you some mobile apps for Android and IOS in order that you can search for jobs on the go. I find these apps very useful to browse for jobs when I’m traveling around on public transports or to have a quick look when you are having your morning coffee.

These apps are particularly important to be on top of the job offers since they are easy to scan it through and you can save the offers to apply later when you get the hold of your computer. I personally think it is still better to fill all the job requirements (text for the email, upload cv, and cover letter) with a laptop than with a phone or tablet, but these apps save you some time when it comes to browse for new job opportunities. Continue reading

10 Tips for a Social Media Job Interview

Social Media Job Interview

So you finished your education on Social Media or Community Manager and want to get a job managing Social Media for a good company. That´s great, but now comes the hardest part which is getting called for an interview. You probably have been told already that in order to work within Social Media your online presence must be top notch. By now you Tweet a few times everyday, you have a very updated profile on Linkedin, you post on Google +, you write on a blog and you have a creative cv, if not check this post.

These are fundamental steps in order that you can get noticed and since you are starting to send CVs, the first thing the recruiter is looking for, is to check your online presence. If you can’t manage yourself on Social Media, how can you manage the company´s?

And after all of this how do you prepare yourself for these sort of interviews? What do you check and what do you talk about?

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