8 Tools to Create The Perfect Post Title


tools to create a perfect post

When creating a post one of the most important things is the title. By any means the content and topic need to be useful for your audience, however the first thing people will see is the title. You need to make sure the title is interesting enough to be clicked on.

Before I start writing a post, the first two things I think about are the topic and the title. When I figured out these two things is much easier for me to start writing, and this I know the importance of a post title, I spend a good amount of time choosing my titles.

On my previous post, 9 Super Sites to publish your blog content, I had the chance to share some of the platforms I use to publish my content. If you had the time to have a look on some of them, you have came across with tons of blog posts. So why do you choose to click in one instead of another? Yes, that´s right… the title of the blog post!

The title of your post needs to be almost perfect in order that you can have a chance to compete with the tons of articles out there.  Continue reading

11 #Instagram Tools You Need to Know About


After my previous post on 25 Instagram accounts to follow on 2015 I have confirmed that Instagram is really popular right now. I have got a lot of good feedback and interest on the Instagram accounts. However I also realized that there is a bit of misconception on how to use this platform and how to use it.

There are a lot of tools and apps out there that can improve your performance on Instagram. Even if your goal is not to become a professional Instagramer, some tools can just simplify your posting activity and achieve better quality and results on your pictures and management.

As more as I dig through this network as more interesting I find it, and I think there will be a lot more to come, or did you forget that Instagram is owned by  Facebook? One of Facebook´s motto is to be constantly improving, so expect more on Instagram and some of the improvements may come from these tools.

On these post there are two types of apps, the ones for your computer and the ones for your phone. Continue reading

Laughing on the Internet in other languages [Infographic]

Laughing onlineOver the years the the communication on the internet took its own wings and evolved quite a lot. Most of the people, and especially the young ones, write on their own way.

Good or bad, we need to face the fact that the languages are evolving and in a few cases adopting different ways to put thoughts across. Over the web the languages change dramatically and people tend to be very creative when it comes to communicate online.

While communicating with friends from all over the world I have been realising that each country has their own specific way to laugh so I thought it could be interesting to put a few together in an Infographic.  Continue reading