8 Brands Doing Amazing Content Marketing


On my previous post I have explained why companies need a Community Manager and on this post I will go through other important part which is Content Marketing.  Some brands are still taking their first steps on the Online Marketing, but others are shaking this field and doing it really well.

In order to increase the online presence it´s not only important to be active on Social Media, but having a smashing blog can really do wonders and give a lot of visibility. In the last few years Content Marketing became extremely popular mainly because it really helps to position your content and therefore your blog or website, on Google´s first positions.

The great thing of Content Marketing, and this is why I love this strategy, is that it´s a win-win situation. I explain. Someone publishes content with a few keywords to in order to help Google to position well their brand or blog on searches. However, for this strategy to work well the content needs to be useful for users. So everybody wins. Users get access to useful and good content and writers get visitors on their websites.

Everyday I read tons of blogs and I am always looking for new and useful content, either to publish on social media or to self-learn and I always find it amazing when brands are able to publish useful tips and share their knowledge. So I have decided to pay my tribute and share the brands that are absolutely nailing with their blogs.  Continue reading

Laughing on the Internet in other languages [Infographic]

Laughing onlineOver the years the the communication on the internet took its own wings and evolved quite a lot. Most of the people, and especially the young ones, write on their own way.

Good or bad, we need to face the fact that the languages are evolving and in a few cases adopting different ways to put thoughts across. Over the web the languages change dramatically and people tend to be very creative when it comes to communicate online.

While communicating with friends from all over the world I have been realising that each country has their own specific way to laugh so I thought it could be interesting to put a few together in an Infographic.  Continue reading