8 Tools to Create The Perfect Post Title


tools to create a perfect post

When creating a post one of the most important things is the title. By any means the content and topic need to be useful for your audience, however the first thing people will see is the title. You need to make sure the title is interesting enough to be clicked on.

Before I start writing a post, the first two things I think about are the topic and the title. When I figured out these two things is much easier for me to start writing, and this I know the importance of a post title, I spend a good amount of time choosing my titles.

On my previous post, 9 Super Sites to publish your blog content, I had the chance to share some of the platforms I use to publish my content. If you had the time to have a look on some of them, you have came across with tons of blog posts. So why do you choose to click in one instead of another? Yes, that´s right… the title of the blog post!

The title of your post needs to be almost perfect in order that you can have a chance to compete with the tons of articles out there.  Continue reading