8 Tools to Create The Perfect Post Title


tools to create a perfect post

When creating a post one of the most important things is the title. By any means the content and topic need to be useful for your audience, however the first thing people will see is the title. You need to make sure the title is interesting enough to be clicked on.

Before I start writing a post, the first two things I think about are the topic and the title. When I figured out these two things is much easier for me to start writing, and this I know the importance of a post title, I spend a good amount of time choosing my titles.

On my previous post, 9 Super Sites to publish your blog content, I had the chance to share some of the platforms I use to publish my content. If you had the time to have a look on some of them, you have came across with tons of blog posts. So why do you choose to click in one instead of another? Yes, that´s right… the title of the blog post!

The title of your post needs to be almost perfect in order that you can have a chance to compete with the tons of articles out there. 

So, how do you create the best title possible? 

There are a few tricks that are useful to know and should be mastered. Here are a a few tips for your next Blog title.

  • Make sure your title reflects exactly your content
  • Use keywords that summarise your subject
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Use questions
  • Make sure it fits on a Tweet when you add the post´s link and your username
  • Use some humour
  • Use powerful words (Free, Amazing, Perfect, Essential for instance)
  • Create lists (like the one)

However, besides these tips there are some tools that can help to choose your words for your titles, these list has some of the tools that I have used or use to help me out on my titles.

1. 74 Clever Blog Titles


The first on my list is not actually a tool but it´s the resource that I use the most.

I came across with this list when I read the book from Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick, The Art of Social Media, but was originally posted by Twelveskip. It has 74 fantastic blog titles and are extremely handy. Click on the image to see the full list.

2. Portent Content Idea Generator 


This was the tool that I first started to use, and I was introduced to it when I was a student at AulaCM. It´s a very easy to use tool and generates some crazy titles. Besides being good fun, can be very useful.

3. Hubsopt´s Blog Topic Generator 

Hubspot title generator

Another great tool by Hubspot, it´s impossible not to like what these guys do. Their tool to generate titles is more “professional” than the previous one, and their titles are more serious. Has also the great advantage to add three words to generate titles with.

4. Impact Blog Title Generator


I really like the simple and clean looks of this tool and the title suggestions are very handy as well. You first choose your topic and then it starts to suggest titles where you can then fill in the gaps to create your title.

5. Tweet your Biz Title GeneratorTweek

Don´t judge a book by it´s cover, they say. That can applies to this tool, the looks are not the best but the results are incredible. There are a ton out posts titles outputed to give you the best ideas for your posts. A must have.

6. Headline Analysis

headline analysis

This is a very interesting tool from The Advanced Marketing Institute and is quite clever. What it does is to analyse the words of your title and rate it based Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) Words. As more “emotional” it gets as better it is.

7. Content Row

content row

This is another tool to create titles. It´s based on a “tabloid” concept, or link bait, which means that the titles you will get here are a bit sensationalist with the main purpose of getting “link baits”, or clicks. It has two other features: word count and hashtag scout. Worth it to give it a go.

8. Content Ideator

content ideator

Content Ideator is a tool that works in both ways, meaning that can give you ideas for your titles, but can also give you some examples of future posts. You just need to type in your keyword and a bunch of titles will come up, which you can save for future blog posts

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are quite a few tools to generate blog posts and you should at least try a couple since they are really helpful. I think the titles are one of the most important parts of a blog post. Obviously you need to have good content, but considering the fact that your post will be shared on Social Media, it needs to have a good title in order to people to click on it.

What do you think about blog titles? Do you agree with me? Do you have any other tool that you think it could be useful for this list?

4 thoughts on “8 Tools to Create The Perfect Post Title

  1. ¡Muy buen post Francisco! La verdad es que cada vez más es importante conseguir un buen título para que el contenido de tu artículo sea atractivo para los lectores. Y en este post nos presentas algunas herramientas muy buenas para conseguirlo. Algunas de ellas ni las conocía, asi que ¡mil gracias por compartir tus conocimientos con nosotros! Eres un crack, sigue así escribiendo artículo de calidad y todos nosotros te agradecemos. 😉

    Un saludo


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