7 Smart Ideas For Snapchat Marketing #Infographic


Have you ever used Snapchat? Do you really know how it works? It can really be a very powerful platform for your business and your social media strategy.

On my post about Content Marketing I went through some brands that are doing an excellent work on their blogs and providing amazing content. On this post I will explore you can use Snapchat to increase your visibility and why you should start using it right away.

Snapchat can play a an important role on your Social Media strategy for your business and you should jump on it before everybody does. Remember when Facebook was used by a very young audience? Nowadays, teenagers and youngsters think Facebook is for older people and are looking for other platforms to be on. Snapchat is for sure a platform very much used by young people and with a huge growth. If you think Snapchat is just for “sexting” you´re wrong.

Snapchat is not yet crowded with ads and Marketeers behind their brands experimenting everything they can like you have on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so there´s plenty of room for you and your business to starting creating innovative stuff to gain people´s attention.

Snapchat Facts

Since Snapchat is not a very known platform by some business and markeeters as yet so I thought it was a good idea to gather some facts

  • Launched on September of 2011
  • 100 Million monthly active users
  • 400 Million daily Snaps
  • 71% of the users are under 25 years old
  • Users start to snap at the age of 13
  • The majority of the users´age is between 19 and 29

And the most important one and the one I think it´s important for your business to use Snapchat right away

  • Fastest growing Social Media platform in 2014 with 57% 

As you can deduct from these facts, Snapchat is very much used by teenagers or young adults. If your target is between this age rank, you need to start planning your strategy. Since it´s growing so much you can easily realise that there´s a lot of new potential users.

Other great think about Snapchat is that it´s still at an early stage when it comes to Online Marketing, so there´s plenty of room to create, experiment and try a wide range of strategies.

1. Sneak Peak on your new product

Since the users have a limited time (10 seconds) to see your pictures, so you can tease them by showing them a picture everyday with bits of your new product. This will generate eagerness to see more and curiosity. It´s a good way to have your followers wanting for more.

That´s what Taco Bell did when they decided to reintroduce on the market Beefy Crunch Burrito


2. Reward your customers with coupons

Another great idea is to send special coupons to reward your customers. Snapchat is a great tool for this, since the pictures only last 10 seconds it prevents one to copy and reproduce the offers.

Frozen Yougurt chain, 16 Handles is claimed to be the first brand to use Snapchat for Marketing. What they did was quite clever and got a lot of buzz amongst customers. Customers had to Snap a picture enjoying one of their products on a specific date and send them back. 16 Handles would Snap back with a coupon with discounts that they would have to present at a shop. Clever and effective.


 3. Release behind the scenes footage

Snapchat users seem to care much for what´s exclusive and personal, and you must be clever using this platform. One of the things it seems to work pretty well with Snapchat is to share exclusive photos. Why? Because they only last 10 seconds and you can´t see them again, so they will be exclusive to a smaller group of people and won´t get “viral” on the web that easily.

This was how NBA kept their fans and followers excited to to follow the MVP awards back on 2013/2014.


 4.Last minute offers

Use Snapchat for last minute offers. Its a fast and straightforward platform to send direct messages, use it to send offers to your customers and invite them to buy your product quickly.

Groupon is one of the brands that uses this strategy quite often.


 5. Videos or pictures with Q.A.

Snapchat seems to be used as a very interactive platform as users can chat back to brands as well. So a good way to optimize your communication with your followers is to ask them questions. You can easily run a Q.A. with videos or pictures.

Here´s an example of Lucozade asking their fans about their new flavour.


6.Run Sweepstakes

A good way to keep your fans following and being interested on your on Brand is to offer random discounts or promotions. Advised them on other platforms that you will be doing this and you will get more followers on Snapchat.

Shephora ran a clever Sweepstake on Snapchat by offering $500 on a gift card. Users are encouraged to Snap back a photo of themselves with drawn eyebrows and then also uploaded on Instagram. Clever!


And this is the great result.



 7.Be Cheeky

We must not forget what was one of the purposes on Snapchat, sexting. So take advantage of that and be cheeky, make fun of it. Many of the Snapchat users use it for “other” means as well so they will find funny that you make sex jokes. Doritos and Grub Hub are pretty aware of that and send some cheeky snaps often. So be funny and audacious, the audience will appreciate.







Final Thoughts

On this post I tried to go through a few ideas you can use for your business in order to attract new customers, especially if your audience is young. There´s still a lot of room for inovation on this platform, and as sooner as you jump into it as better results you going to get.

Recently Snapchat launched another feature called “discover” which includes a lot of big players like National Geograpic, CNN and Vice which means that they are finally making some money, which also means that this platform will change soon.

Do you use Snapchat for Marketing? What did you think about these examples? What will be their next step? Drop me comment below, would like to know what you think.

7 thoughts on “7 Smart Ideas For Snapchat Marketing #Infographic

  1. Great infographic and article. It will be especially interesting to see how Snapchat marketing evolves in 2015. I think you really nailed it with points 1 & 3. It’s all about exclusivity and humanizing your brand. How long do you think it will be before brands start posting their Ghost/QR-codes everywhere?


    • Thank you very much for your comment! That’s a good point, anytime soon I think we will see that with the Ghost codes. Especially I’m the USA and UK, here in Spain where I live now, Snapchat is still far way from companies I would say.


  2. Muy buen post Francisco! Me encantó la infografía, creo que es una de tus mejores. Además un post sobre una herramienta que no se encuentra muchos contenidos es siempre un valor añadido para nosotros, tus lectores! Me gusta mucho también como siempre nos ofreces contenidos muy escaneables con bastantes imágenes lo que hace un post fácil de leer. Muchas gracias por estas ideas. Un abrazo


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