8 Brands Doing Amazing Content Marketing


On my previous post I have explained why companies need a Community Manager and on this post I will go through other important part which is Content Marketing.  Some brands are still taking their first steps on the Online Marketing, but others are shaking this field and doing it really well.

In order to increase the online presence it´s not only important to be active on Social Media, but having a smashing blog can really do wonders and give a lot of visibility. In the last few years Content Marketing became extremely popular mainly because it really helps to position your content and therefore your blog or website, on Google´s first positions.

The great thing of Content Marketing, and this is why I love this strategy, is that it´s a win-win situation. I explain. Someone publishes content with a few keywords to in order to help Google to position well their brand or blog on searches. However, for this strategy to work well the content needs to be useful for users. So everybody wins. Users get access to useful and good content and writers get visitors on their websites.

Everyday I read tons of blogs and I am always looking for new and useful content, either to publish on social media or to self-learn and I always find it amazing when brands are able to publish useful tips and share their knowledge. So I have decided to pay my tribute and share the brands that are absolutely nailing with their blogs. 

1. Buffer 



Buffer´s blog is one of my favorite blogs and it´s one of the ones that I get more valuable information from. They post a lot of amazing content about social media and marketing . But they also have other sections on their blog where they write about programming and engineering. The posts are extremely well written and I am a big fan of Kevan Lee, who is one of their writers.

This is a blog that you can really learn a lot from to increase your knowledge on Online Marketing.

2. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a very powerful tool for social media management, probably one of the best. And on their blog is easy to find great tips on how to use all of the social media platforms. They post very frequently and their posts are easy and fun to read. They give you all the latest updates from every platform, so it´s a good way to keep track of what´s new. They are always on top of the last trends like this article about #thedress for example.

3. Socialbro


Socialbro is a company that started off in Spain and is now conquering the world, it´s great tool to manage your Twitter account. Not happy enough with their great product, they also have a very good blog. Their posts are obviously not only about Twitter or their tool but more about Social Media in general. They also share amazing tips for brands and business to manage their image and their on-line presence. The blog is also very appealing to the eye.

4. Kissmetrics


Kissmetrics is all about metrics. With their tool, you can measure pretty much everything on your website. It´s a very powerful tool for marketeers, especially for A/B testing and to see what´s working well and what´s not. Their blog is quite technical, but they post great tips on how to optimize your website to sell more, customers behaviour, and obviously a lot of analytics.

A must read if you like to optimize your metrics. They also promote a lot of guest blogging, so you if feel lucky you can send them your articles.

5. Hubspot


An extremely powerful tool for inbound marketing, Hubspot is every Marketeer´s dream. However is mainly targeted to medium and larger enterprises due to the high prices. The reason why I know about this tool is because of their excellent production of content. See? It really works. Producing good content will make that your brand will travel further. They have a wide range of blogs and subjects as you can see from the picture above. Their posts vary from beginners guide to very advance stuff.

6. Semrush


Semrush is another analytic tool where you can find a lot of information about your competitors and how to place your content. It´s a very good complement to Google Keywords and gives a lot of extra information like the amount of money competitors are spending on advertise for instance. Great spy tool.

Their blog is great and they post a lot about Marketing and Marketing Strategies. Its a bit advanced for beginners, but nevertheless, great read.

7. GrooveHQ


Groove is a Startup company that aims to fill a gap on the market when it comes to customer support for Small Businesses. They have more than 20.000 readers on their blog and 3000+ customers. They have started from 0 and are aiming to reach $500K and they share with us all of their adventures in a very personal way on their blog. It´s an immense journey and you are really able to connect with the writers. If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur you will want to read their them. You will be able to learn from their mistakes and their victories.

8. Canva


Canva is a simple design tool that is a life saver for someone like me that needs to mess around with images but has no knowledge in advanced software. It has it´s limitations but can be a life saver. Their blog is really useful if you want to know more about design and how to combine different aspects of the visual arts. Everything is well explained and in an extremely beautiful way. If you don´t know how to combine fonts with each other, this is the blog you need to read.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays is quite important that a brand knows how to communicate with customers and potential customers. Having a website and leave it there is not an option and you need to keep it alive by feeding it with content. And content marketing is a clever way to “sell” your brand without your customers acknowledging you are selling. You give them something they need and they might come back later to buy.

If you own a business and website without a blog you should start today!  To have more understanding of what I am talking about and if you read Spanish you should follow Marketing and Web and Muchomasquewebs, they share amazing content  on how to grasp everything you need to know to start with your content marketing strategies.

Now back to you.

Which brands do you follow? Do you recommend any other blog? If you already have a blog, how is it working for you? 


13 thoughts on “8 Brands Doing Amazing Content Marketing

  1. Hola Francisco!

    Muchísimas gracias por la mención en el post y sobre todo felicitarte por el gran artículo ya que las marcas debemos ser lo más cercanas posible a nuestro clientes y ofrecerles toda nuestra experiencia para conseguir su confianza terminando en una posible venta.

    Un abrazo!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Soy fan de los contenidos de Canva y Socialbro y de los consejos de Semrush ¡me encantan!, buen post Francisco, me lo llevo a redes ¡un saludo!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hola Francisco, muy acertadas las recomendaciones. Lo difícil para marcas es entender que realmente son los expertos en sus áreas y que pueden establecer una relación mucho más fuerte con sus clientes al convertirse en un recurso, más allá de ser un un simple producto. Realmente es lo mismo que consiguen al pautar en los medios pero con mayores oportunidades. El costo de pautar puede ser mucho más alto que el costo de publicar y lo interesante es que el contenido se queda en un lugar donde se acumula y sigue atrayendo gente mucho después de que la gente se haya olvidado de la campaña en cierto medio. Y ahora hay soluciones como Outbrain para las empresas que no quieren crear su propio contenido. El beneficio adicional viene siendo el control del mensaje. ¿Cuánto se paga por las relaciones públicas con el fin de influir percepciones? Pero con poco de promoción una empresa puede convertirse en un medio en su área y ejercer una fuerte influencia. No es por gusto ni por idiota que Coca-Cola ha creado una redacción:


    Por último, aquí te tengo otro blog para tomar en cuenta en esta categoría:




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  5. Enhorabuena Francisco, me encanta este post pues has escogido unas marcas muy importantes y a las que debemos tenerlas siempre cerca. Yo algunas de ellas no las conocía y la verdad que estuve mirando y me parecen muy interesantes para seguir…. Además tus posts siempre con imágenes me gustan mucho pues me parecen muy visuales y dan ganas de leerlos..

    También me parecen muy interesantes eses blogs en español que mencionas al final, pues contienen muy buenos contenidos, y eso aporta un valor añadido a tu post.

    Termino este comentario con una palabra “”¡Enhorabuena!”


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