11 #Instagram Tools You Need to Know About


After my previous post on 25 Instagram accounts to follow on 2015 I have confirmed that Instagram is really popular right now. I have got a lot of good feedback and interest on the Instagram accounts. However I also realized that there is a bit of misconception on how to use this platform and how to use it.

There are a lot of tools and apps out there that can improve your performance on Instagram. Even if your goal is not to become a professional Instagramer, some tools can just simplify your posting activity and achieve better quality and results on your pictures and management.

As more as I dig through this network as more interesting I find it, and I think there will be a lot more to come, or did you forget that Instagram is owned by  Facebook? One of Facebook´s motto is to be constantly improving, so expect more on Instagram and some of the improvements may come from these tools.

On these post there are two types of apps, the ones for your computer and the ones for your phone.

1. Gramblr – PC | MAC

It´s quite frustrating at times that you can´t post on Instagram from your computer or you may want to change something on your pictures with some software you have on your computer. With Gramblr this trouble ends.

You can easily upload a picture from your disk, edit the title and then upload it. Bear in mind that you will need to resize the picture in order to fit on Instagram it needs to be 650×650, but follow the link bellow to the another tool that does that for you.


2. JustUnfollow – PC | MAC | iOS | Android

Have you ever wonder who´s not following you back on Instagram. Well, with JustUnfollow that can be unveiled. You can check who´s following you and who´s not and you can unfollow people that does not reciprocate your following.

If you want to gain more followers, JustUnfollow gives you also the option to copy followers from other accounts.


3.Iconosquare – PC | MAC

Iconosquare is probably one of the most powerful analytical tools for Instagram. However is only useful if you are interested on knowing your account’s stats and want to optimize it.

With this tool you can check which filters work better, top hashtags being used on Instagram, graphs with engagement on your account, a monthly report on your stats and much more.

It´s my preferred tool to analyse my account stats. If you want to become a pro, this one is a must have


4.Instasize – iOS | Android

Have you ever tried to upload a picture and were forced to crop out something that you didn’t want to? Everyone had this problem before but is sorted easily with Instasize.

A very simple app for iOS and Android that allows you to redefine the size of your picture in order that nothing is cropped out on Instagram. Very smooth and simple to use.

You can also create multiple photo compositions to publish in just one photo. A pretty neat app.


5. Repost – iOS | Android

On Twitter you retweet, on Facebook you share and on Instagram you Repost. You can´t do that on the native app of Instagram, but you can use Repost.

Have you ever felt like sharing content from other Instagramers on your account and though it would be impossible to do? Just download this app for iOS or Android and start reposting other peoples’ content.

You can search for content on your feed or a limited search on the pictures you previously liked before. A good thing of this app is that it gives full credit to the person who took the picture.


6. Piclab – iOS | Android

Piclab is a tool that allows you to add text to your picture. If you want to have written information on our picture this is an awesome tool to do it. There are quite a few fonts, shapes, filters and a wide range of add ons. The app is free but there are app-in-purchases.

A very complete app to add a bunch of effects to your photos.


7. Picdeck – PC | MAC

If you are addicted to Instagram and want to follow hashtags, this web tool is perfect. This is sort of a Tweedeck look a like app but for Instagram where you can get a feed for hashtags or specific users. It’s a very simple tool but could have a bit more of interaction, nevertheless it does what is meant to.


8. Tagg.ly – iOS | Android

Tagg is an app created by Tim Pool and his friends and does what is says, which is to add a tag to your picture. So, if you want to automatically add your name and location to the picture, this app does it for you. Is a cool way to credit your pictures and make sure they travel on the social media networks with your name on it. You can also add your company’s or personal logo to the picture.

The app’s design is great and very simple to use.


 9. Hyperlapse – iOS | 😦

Hyperlapse is one of the best apps of 2014, and is made by Instagram. Very, very sadly is still only available for iOS. Android users are patiently (not) still waiting for it on their devices.

The time lapse concept is not new and there are quite many apps out there that do time lapse videos, but none does it so well as Hyperlaplse.

Due to built in stabilization technology the result is quite impressive, and the quality of the time lapsed videos is simply stunning.

10. INK 361 – PC | MAC

I only came accross with INK 361 very recently, but it’s for sure a tool that I´ll be using more in 2015. INK 361 is a beautifully designed app that combines a bit of a few apps I’ve mention before on this post.

It has a deck like Picdeck and the stats from Iconosquare and a much better screen than Instagram to visualize your feed. You can also explore popular and trendy accounts as well as an Editor’s choice. If you really like a picture from an Instagramer you can also get it framed and bought it through this tool.

Another cool feature is that you can create circles (similar to Google +) in order to organize people you follow based on the themes you want to choose.

There’s certainly a lot to explore on INK  361.


11. Instaport – PC | MAC

If you are concerned about losing your photos posted on Instagram just visit this site. You can easily backup your photos from Instagram to your hard drive. As easy as it sounds



This is a list of a bunch of tools that I think that can improve a lot your connection with Instagram. There are no favourites, all are amazing tools to improve performance, management and engagement.

What’s your favourite one? Which one did I miss and should be on the list? Drop me a line on the comments.  


20 thoughts on “11 #Instagram Tools You Need to Know About

  1. Enhorabuena Francisco, otro post más sobre Instagram, te vas a volver un Pro en esa plataforma! Ya te veo en Influencer en un futuro corto :). Me gusto mucho el post con unas herramientas muy útiles! También me gusta mucho las fotos que utilizas, a parte de ser un artículo con una cantidad muy buena de contenido escrito. Ahhh y la foto de portada muy chula (Bansky?). Saludos y espero ya el seguiente, sobre Instagram?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Francisco

    You might have just rejuvenated my interest in Instagram! I am not a fan of mobile apps, and hence any app that allows me to upload pictures from my desktop is GOLDEN!

    Thank for this bookmark-worthy list! WOOHOO



    • Hi there!

      I’m really glad you’ve enjoyed! 🙂
      Instagram is a very interesting platform. Check my other post on the 25 accounts to follow in 2015, you will find many interesting people doing amazing stuff.
      By far the most important platform in 2015.

      Enjoy! 🙂

      Take care!


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  6. hey hi! You listed great apps, even best actually as they are among the most used, but there’s something important missing=) It’s an app similar to JustUnfollow, but it doesn’t bother finding unfollowers, it just gets rid of them all at once at the rate of 5000 per day. Awesome, isn’t it? I’m talking about fast-unfollow.com. I tried so hard to find an app as quick as this, cause actively exploring instagram may result in a great number of users not willing to follow me back, so considering restriction of 7.500 followings i couldn’t continue developing. Good thing now it’s over, i explore, add new people, and ten in the end of the month just unfollow the rest. Enjoy!=)


  7. Hi Francisco

    Thanks so much for sharing this. Is there an app / software I can use on my computer to edit text or type in text under my photos in Instagram.

    For example: My instagram crashes on my phone often, even after several re-installs. I prefer to use my computer to type in text anyway – which is why I like facebook.

    Basically I can post the pic ok, from my phone, but then after that it’ll usually crash, so the option to type in what I need too takes way too long, or I have to delete it completely and start again.

    Am looking for a option for Instagram that I can use on my computer and skip the whole phone drama.

    I’m super keen to learn and implement Instagram – and hoping to find a solution.

    Kind regards


    • Hi Mandy,

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. To be honest Mandy I am not aware on any app like that.
      Instagram is build natively to phones and you can get it´s best use on a phone by all means. My advice is to replace the phone. 🙂 Your phone is clearly giving you problems and not running Instagram properly.

      Thanks again.



      • Thanks Francisco, I posted into a forum today (Melissa Camilleri Instagram forum) and one of the ladies in there said at least for now, I can post my photos via phone, and not add a caption. Then add a caption online via my PC instead. I did that, and it worked. That’ll get me through til I get a new option. I think I might invest in a tablet as that would be easier to use with Instagram, for me anyway. Thanks heaps, Francisco, again. 🙂

        Warm regards

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Tengo una duda Francisco, he leído algunos posts antiguos respecto a Gramblr, que dicen que su uso te daña la cuenta y la posibilidad de usar hashtags. En tu experiencia has tenido algún problema con Grambler? Saludos y gracias por tu gran artículo!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hola Juan, nunca he oído eso la verdad. Es cierto que instagram es muy pesada es no deja hacer muchas movidas con la Api. Pero últimamente probé latergramme y me funciona genial. Tendrás que usar el móvil para subir la foto. Pero las subes desde el ordenador con el copy también. Funciona de maravilla. Pruébala. Un abrazo y gracias por pasarte por aquí.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Thank you a lot for amazing post with awsome list, Francisco! I’m using Instasize and it’s perfect! Just for the record, I’ve felt annoyed that every time I post a photo on Instagram my photo gets cropped. By the by, zengram.net is also usefull app. For boosting followers 😀 it finds potentially interested users via hashtags and g-location. Ultimately, i’m having real followers. Btw, Schedugram is a way to easily manage Instagram.


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