25 #Instagram accounts you should follow in 2015


The year on 2014 ended very well for Instagram with terrific news. Socialbakers announced that Instagram has way more brand engagement than Twitter, also celebrated 300 million users, becoming one of the most used Social Media platforms on the planet and again, overcoming Twitter.

Another great news was that the minds behind Instagram were able to eliminate fake users, however this managed to annoy quite a lot of celebrities that saw their followers count to drop drastically. Here´s a list where you can find the biggest losers on Instagram, the ones that were more affected with this clean up.

This month of December is always a month of predictions, all media is predicting what should be coming up on 2015, my prediction is that Instagram is going to be big, even bigger than what it is now. There´s still plenty of room for this platform to grow and improve, but at the moment is a great place to find the most talented and creative people on the world using a camera.

I have decided to compile a list of people that are achieving something amazing on Instagram. If you are tired of your friend´s selfies, follow some of these Instagramers, you won’t regret it.

It´s a  random list from people I consider that are blessed to greatly express their art through the lens of camera, people that have amazing lives, adrenaline freaks, travelers, foodies, animal lovers and creative minds. There are no brands or celebrities on this list.

The list



Demidism on Instagram

Demidism is an urban artist. He wanders through cites and takes great pictures from what he sees. Sometimes he also climbs to tall buildings and takes pictures from there. There´s a lot of great visual content on his account.



Demidism on Instagram

This is one of my favourite instagramers, a Russian roof toper that climbs the most amazing structures all over the world and takes the most stunning shots. He never stops to surprise me and he almost addictive to follow him. I am quite fascinated by this movement. These roof toppers climb without any sort of safety net or equipment and you can see it by yourself here.



Den Bilzerian

Dan is rich… very rich and he likes to show off is crazy life on instagram. He´s normally surrounded by women, fast cars, guns and his cat. Everything is big on this Instagram account, follow if you can cope with it. Not suitable for jealous people.



Demidism on Instagram

Murad travels around the world with his girlfriend. So far, nothing special. What´s really special is the pictures he takes which are always like the one above. #followmeto project is a set of amazing photos taken by Murad following his girlfriend Leo. Simple yet mind blowing.



Demidism on Instagram

From Indonesia comes the flying man. An economist that loves food, travels and calls himself the flying traveler. There are shots of him flying all over the world. His shots are pretty good, really worth to follow.



Demidism on Instagram

The Yoga_girl has more than a million followers on Instagram. Rachel is Swedish but lives in the CCaribbean islands and teaches yoga. She is now world-wide famous but keeps it very simple. Nice shots and quite inspiration. Follow to find your inner peace.



Demidism on Instagram

Andrew likes his dog Momo and likes to take pictures. It´s not strange that his dog is the center of all of them. Andrew created a game called “Find Momo”, his dog is hidden on the photos on a “Find Waldo” style. Classy photos and a stylish dog.

8. @bipolaire61


Demidism on Instagram

There´s not much known about this user with code name bipolaire61, however his shots from the arctic are mindblowing. There are a lot of penguins, icebergs and many other great shots from other continents, but by far the ones taken on the coldest continent are the most impressive.



Demidism on Instagram

I am normally not a big fan of constant photos of dogs or cats, but I found this account very funny. Brittini Vega takes pictures of her best friends, Harlow, Sage and the little Indiana. The shots are quite clever and the pets are perfect models. Great compositions are made. Follow to if you can handle the cute overload.




32 years ago Gary gave the fox to a little girl called Jessica, now Gary was diagnosed with stage 4 Cancer and Jessica decided to travel the world and take photos of Mr. Fox. With this project, Jessica is raising money to help Gary to pay for his treatments. Follow to help and see the world.




Adam takes beautiful aerial shots. There are photos from cities, nature, ports and a lot about aviation in general. The world as you never seen before from the eyes of a very talented photographer. Follow if you don’t have vertigo




Gareth  was born in South Africa and lived there ever since, has a crazy dream of going to space but meanwhile is obsessed by taking perfect pictures. There are lot of quality on his work, shots are mainly taken in South Africa but in other parts of the world as well on Gareth ‘s travels. 206k followers can’t be wrong, his work is good.




The dutch are known by their risky architecture and Holland has amazing buildings and cities, it’s not only about tulips. Dirk loves graphic design, patterns & architecture and that is widely shown on his photos. Beautiful shots of buildings and geometry. A must follow if you like architecture.




Sarah says: ” I love making new things & taking pictures of things I love” and the things she love inspired 525k people to follow her on Instagram and the reason for that is because her work is just magnificent. Her compositions are very creative and normally very colourful. There are a lot of feet alongside with patterns.




Jussi is from Finland and I love that country where I lived two years. Jussi is also a terrific photographer, a lot of his work will include snow on the winter time but also from other corners in the world. Jussi has this nordic touch of simple compositions that only the nordics grasp at full. If you love simplicity Jussi is your man.




Javier is an graphic designer from Ecuador, he says his work is very “simple and minimal” because he wants that people “can take a break of the saturation of the photos in general.” I think he managed to accomplish that, beautiful and simple work is posted on his account regularly.  Javier will make you laugh with his creativity and clever draws.




Drew is American, but lives and works in Pyongyang, North Korea. Probabily the country that we know less about, and the fact that Drew uploads photos that he takes with his iphone is already quite fascinating. Facebook and Twitter are banned on that country, is for me a mystery how this photos manage to see the light of the world wide web. Follow if you are curious about the most isolated country in the world.




From Japan always come the crazy things. Darcy is a cute hedgehog and Shota Tsukamoto is the self proclaimed “Hedgehographer”. They both live on Tokio and often surprise us with invetive photos always with Darcy as the main model. Funny and cute. Follow for a giggle.




Lawerta is a highly talented illustrator from Valencia, Spain. His range of work is wide, but there is a clear passion for football, especially if it’s Argentinian. Lawerta, “loco” for Valencia CF is proudly responsible for the numbers on the tops of Levante, his club’s city rival . Follow if you love football and top notch illustrations.




Aimmee has a fashion blog and posts very stylish pictures on her instagram account. It’s a fashion Instagram account, but is also more than that, has also lovely pictures of food and travels. Either you’re a fashion victim or not, this is a cool Instagramer to follow. 




For some reason, Instagram became a quite popular amongst people that love to take pictures of what they eat, it became quite boring to be fair. But Ida takes the food porn to a whole new level. Her creation with food is simply amazing and perfect. She’s from Norway, lives in Berlin and she makes and eats all the art herself. One of the most creative and beautiful accounts I have seen.




I don’t know if it because I played so much with Playmobil that i love this Instagram account, but the fact is that the photos are great. There are Playmobils doing pretty much everything a human being can do. Follow if you like Playmobil




Another food artist, Julie makes beautiful collages with food with food and has nearly 100k followers on her account. Here food and photography really fell in love. Julie also runs a blog and you can buy off from her the collages you see on Instagram. Can you think of a better gift for a foodie? Great and hard work from Julie.

Simone Bramante claims to be a sstoryteller before anything else, but the truth is that his photos are breathtaking. Nearly 600k followers on Instagram and a few contracts with brands to take some pictures for commercial use. The picture above is a work done for Maseretti in Italy. Pure class with Simone.




Zach is the coolest guy of this list, he surfs, snowboards, sails,drives a cool bike and takes pictures while doing all of this. His lovely girlfriend Whitney is often around and has her own cool Instagram account also worth to follow. If you like seeing other people on great adventures this is your guy.


This is my list of Instagramers to follow in 2015, there are no best or worse all of them are pretty talented on their own way. I am really looking forward for what´s coming next on Instagram.

My fellow friend and great blogger Claudio Inácio has also an amazing list of instagramers, you can view his post ¡15 cuentas de Instagram en España que deberías seguir ya!

Do you have a favourite Instagramer? What do you think of this list, are you following any one of these ones? Would you add another one? 

You can also find me on Instagram here, drop me your account name on the comments… I want to see what you’ve been up to on Instagram.




20 thoughts on “25 #Instagram accounts you should follow in 2015

  1. Muy bueno el post con estas cuentas tan interesantes a seguir! Muchas gracias por compartirlo con nosotros, tus lectores más fieles! Enhorabuena por las fotos de alta calidad que has escogido y por estar tan escaneable el post, da gusto leerlo de principio hasta el final ! Espero verte aquí en 2015 con posts como este, Crack! Feliz 2015¡


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  5. Cool post, I’ve stumbled across your blog a few times and this time decided not to be just a lurker!

    Great content man!! I l really like your marketing stuff but I added a few people to my Instagram from this.


    Liked by 1 person

  6. I definitely added a few of these peeps to my IG feed. I don’t travel the world or go to that many cool places. I don’t have millions of bucks to show off. I just have my camera phone and IG that tells my short story of living in Northern California. @typackard


  7. Some of my personal favorite instagram users would probably be @brookeshaden (Her posts are amazing!! & So full of captivating art), @ashslaysss (Her art is also very good in my opinion for only being 16 & also very captivating), @beckysiegel (Her instagram is just RAD)


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