10 Tips for a Social Media Job Interview

Social Media Job Interview

So you finished your education on Social Media or Community Manager and want to get a job managing Social Media for a good company. That´s great, but now comes the hardest part which is getting called for an interview. You probably have been told already that in order to work within Social Media your online presence must be top notch. By now you Tweet a few times everyday, you have a very updated profile on Linkedin, you post on Google +, you write on a blog and you have a creative cv, if not check this post.

These are fundamental steps in order that you can get noticed and since you are starting to send CVs, the first thing the recruiter is looking for, is to check your online presence. If you can’t manage yourself on Social Media, how can you manage the company´s?

And after all of this how do you prepare yourself for these sort of interviews? What do you check and what do you talk about?

1. Analyse company’s web page

Gather as much information as you can get from the web page: their products or services, their team, the info “about” and read their blog if they have one.

But, if you are also hired to improve their SEO, then you need to do more. It will be interesting to arrive at the interview already with some ideas of things that you can improve so check what can be done to improve their SEO.

First tool you should use is Woorank. It´s a very powerful tool that shows you a lot of the website’s SEO stats and you can have a good overview on what’s being done properly and what needs to be improved. If you want to get deeper you can use also powerful tools like GTmetrix, Semrush and SimilarWeb.

Below it’s an example of SimilarWeb being applied for Nike’s page


2. Google the company

This should be the second step. It applies for any sort of interview you may have. By Googling the company you will be able to see other sources of information like videos, newspapers or blogs with interviews or articles.

Read everything, watch all the videos and read what people say about the company, this sort of information can be very useful for your interview as you can then have outside information about the company.

2. Study their Product or Service

Study hard their business, understand what they sell and how they sell it. Start to plan some ideas how to promote the company and the products on Social Media. Understanding well their business will give you a good reputation from the recruiter. It means that you managed to understand what’s their position on the Market and where they are going to.

3. Check up Linkedin Profiles

Information is never too much, therefore as much information you can gather from the people that work in the company the best. Open Linkedin and look up for the company’s CEO, the Recruiter and other employees. This will give you an overview on the type of skills and backgrounds they are looking on a future employee.

5. Scrutinize their Social Media

This is an obvious point. Even if you wouldn’t work on Social Media this should be a must. By checking the company’s Social Media you can get a lot of inside information. However if you are going to work with their networks you will need to be more critic. Analyse what they have been posting, their followers, their engagement with followers and what’s their main approach, It will be fundamental that during the interview you can pinpoint their mistakes and what can be improved.

6. Create a strategy

I have discussed in my last post of Social Media for Small Business that is important to know on which Social Networks a business must be on. Create a plan with all the information you’ve been gathering with the previous points and decide where this company should be focused on. Explain them why and prove your point, must of the CEOs may think that the more the merrier, and we know it’s not true.

7. List tools you might be needing

There are so many tools to measure Social Media numbers that is almost impossible to keep up with all. Most of the tools are free but are also limited, so if you are using some on a professional basis you might have to think on which ones to buy. Plan a budget and support your decision and make the recruiter know which ones you need to improve their online presence.

If your are going to use Twitter investing on Buffer and Social Bro is not a bad decision, if you are managing more than one or two Networks, Hootsuite might be a must have tool.

8. Study their competition

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer is a very wise saying. Study their competitors and understand where the company you’re getting interviewed for stands amongst their competitors. Check their Social Media and see what they’ve be up to. You can use the good and bad examples at the interview, the recruiter will for sure appreciate this, it shows that you are very proactive.

9. List a few blogs for content marketing

One of the most important things on your future job is to know what to publish and where to get valuable content.

A good source of content is obviously specialized blogs, you might be asked what you know and where you would get information about the company’s field of business.

Having this list ready will also save you some time if you get the job since you will starting looking for excellent content to publish from day one.

10. List influencers

This is a fundamental step if you are using Twitter for the company but also for your personal Twiiter. By starting to follow Influencers you will be able to get access to very valuable content. Prepare a list and starting adding them to your Twitter lists. Use Tweetdeck to organise your lists and get easy access to what they publish.

Final Thoughts

Be prepared for an interview is the key to get the job you’re applying for and this applies for any sort of job. However if your are going for a Community Manager job or Social Media Manager you are very likely going to be asked a lot of practical questions on how to improve the company’s social presence and it’s imperative that you do your homework and be ready to give some valuable input.

Do you have any other advice? Did you have an Interview for a Community manager job? How did that go? Share your results with us.

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