13 Tips to Manage Your Time on Social Media [Infographic]

13 Tips to manage your time in social media (1)

On today’s world, things move fast and time is very little to everything we need to do. Working in, or with Social Media is no exception and time is very sparse for all the things we need to be doing during each day.

As soon I started to manage my online presence in a more professional way, I quickly realised that one of the hardest parts is to manage your time due to the wide amount of tasks that are needed to be done each day.

It’s not only that there are quite many social networks to manage, but is also the fact that each one has their own specifications. As soon as I had a handful of social networks to update, comments to reply, writing on my blog, manage accounts and read other’s blogs and content it became clear that I had to create a strategy in order that was possible to manage my time effectively during the day. 

I have created a list of techniques that I have been applying during each day and that you can see below on the Infographic.

Manage time social media (2)

I hope these tips may be useful and that you can now apply some of them on your work life while using Social Media.

Do you have any other tips or advices? Drop me a line on the comments and share with us your experience managing Social Media.

14 thoughts on “13 Tips to Manage Your Time on Social Media [Infographic]

  1. Muy bien, enhorabuena por la infografía está muy guapa. Voy apuntar eses 13 consejos porque desde luego hay que saber aprovechar y rentabilizar al máximo nuestro tiempo en las redes sociales. Muchas gracias por tus consejos.


  2. Habrá manera de conseguir tu infografía de forma que se pueda ver con mayor claridad, me parece genial ! Pero al abrirla imagen no puedo leer con claridad algunos textos. Saludos y gracias


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