The 14 Best Social Media and Marketing Agencies in Madrid

The 14 Best Social Media and Marketing Agencies in Madrid

After writing how to make a creative CV useful for community managers, I thought it could be important to have a list of the best Social Media and Marketing Agencies operating in Madrid. This list is though for any community manager looking for a job, but also for potential foreign companies looking to invest in Spain and therefore use these agencies to implement themselves in the country’s social media.

With 72% of it’s nearly 48 million inhabitants connected to the internet, this southern European country is highly active on the social media networks, with 93% claiming to be having a social media account.

Spain is a vibrant country full of highly qualified and talented people which their work on Social Media is placing them on Europe´s top rankings. As an example, the powerful tool SocialBro was born in Spain.

There are many reasons to bring your business to Spain, and even more reasons to use the Social Networks. 

Being the largest city, Madrid is the nevralgic center of the Marketing and Social Media Industry followed closely by Barcelona. There are quite many good agencies in Madrid and I have decided to choose 14 from a wider list of 44.

In the following lines I will present the 14 best agencies on a subjective analysis based on a few facts which I will briefly explain below.


The first platform anyone visits to gather more information about a company is their website. You can tell a lot about the company just by the website, by the design, the content and how the information is displayed.

The website works as the companies’ face and needs to be updated and carefully shaped to the company’s image. Due to importance of the visual impact on this industry, in my evaluation I have highly valued the website’s design but above anything else is the content displayed. It’s of major importance that the company is able to display valuable information either to client but also to a potential employee.

It’s a subjective analysis and I have rated the websites on a scale of 1 to 5.


Being able to share information is a big asset on the Social Media world, this is the core of this industry. In the southern european countries this might be seen as a weakness, but mistaken yourself if you think most of these companies are not sharing a lot of valuable information on their blogs.

Having an updated and good content on the Blog will also influence their SEO and their ability to position themselves on Google searches therefore also create a great impact on future client’s decision to hire them or not.

Most of the companies I have looked at had a blog, but not all had their blogs fully updated, therefore I gave maximum rating to the ones sharing valuable and updated content. The companies posting at least weekly got 5 points on my scale.

Online Presence

If your business is to promote someone else’s business on the social networks, you must also to be able to promote yourself on these platforms. I took a sneak peak on the companies’ Facebook and Twitter since they are the most important social networks in Spain.

For this analysis I have valued the number of likes on Facebook and the number of followers on Twitter, but also the relevance and frequency of shared content.

The online presence is an aspect the I have valued a lot, since shows their ability to grasp their own promotion on the social networks and will be of major importance for their future and current clients.

Overall Rating

After carefully overlooking the whole criteria I have created an overall rating on a scale of 1 to 5 based on my subjective analysis. The companies that scored 4,5 and 5 made the final list. I choose not to create a ranking and the list below shows the 14 best companies on the same position.

The List

SecuoyasSocial Noise101
Territorio Creativo

Social MoodBuzz Marketing NetworksHavas Media

FaktoriaSr. BurnsKanlli

GestazionAula CM Internet Republica

Final Thoughts

Madrid is full of great and talented companies able to use the Social Media and Marketing to take your business to a next level in Spain.

This list of 14 Agencies only represents a small percentage of great agencies to work with.

Madrid is now showing a good recovery from a strong economical crisis, and the Marketing Industry is starting to flourish again, therefore this is a good time to invest back in the country´s wide economy.

On a personal note I was impressed with the quality shown by all the organisations I’ve looked at, however I thought it would be interesting to narrow down to a small list. These ones really catched my eye!

Share your thoughts… Would you bring your business to work with these companies? Would you like to work with them or for them?

Keep up with the good work!

14 thoughts on “The 14 Best Social Media and Marketing Agencies in Madrid

  1. Great post Francisco…A very interesting topic, thanks for sharing with us!! And yes I would like to work for some of them such as socialmood or AulaCm 🙂 because I think they are two very good Marketing Agencies at their work… Congratulations!!!!!


  2. Good post fran, with crisis they had to reinvent themselves and find new markets. My idea is to be able to work on this using my blog as the creator of valuable content with SEO And SEM. I will also use some social networks like Twitter.
    Nowadays all businesses need to have a website with information in order to expand their market and gain customers. I would be working with some of those social media companies. Congratulations 🙂


  3. First thing first, Congratulations on your superb and useful post! It’s not quite common we can find a perfect developed English text.
    As regards your questions… Yes! I would love to work in any of them. I’m still working on developing my personal branding as well as my Social Media strategy. Hopefully we will be all working in an important communication agency one day. Who knows! It’s a matter of working hard. 🙂


    • Gracias Alberto! Sí, “who knows”? 🙂 Primero, aprender mucho con Aula Cm, después ya veremos. La verdad es que hay mucho talento y calidad en las empresas de Social Media en Madrid!
      Es un placer vivir en una ciudad donde se trabaje tan bien. Un abrazo!


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