Why videos can become so important for your business

Videos and social networks like Youtube have been around for a while now and obviously they have been an important part of social media, however there are a few good reasons why people are uploading more videos.

If you have a business or a strong presence on the social media you should pay some attention to these trendy apps, platforms and gadgets.

1. Vine, a growing platform

Vine is a growing social media platform and is widely used by younger generations and was acquired by Twitter just a few months after being launched and it’s popularity has been growing ever since.

The concept of vine is very simple, short and quick videos are uploaded and kept on loop which can be liked and shared over other platforms. It is almost like a video in 140 characters. The fact that the videos must be short has generated a new way of making funny videos and spiked users’ creativity.

The main uploaders are people like you and me but with an extreme flair for visual creativity and some knowledge of editing, the results are in some cases brilliant and the videos become easily viral. Some of the users end up having millions of followers and became widely famous.

The Vines below are very popular and developed a trendy type of videos, the possibilities are endless.

2. Hyperlapse

This app created by Instagram was launched a few months ago and is only currently available for Iphone, Android uses are desperate to get it on their phones and the reason is because the app is really good. This apps’s key is simplicity, you shoot a video and the app lapse it, which means that the video is then seen through the hyperlapse method, by other means, the video is accelerated and stabilized achieving a high quality time lapse video.

It is for example a very cool way to show a every day routine of your business without boring viewers since the videos are normally quite short. These type of videos are generating lot of interest and people are getting very curious to give them a try, creating a valuable engagement.

Better than words is this Hyperlapse of Chicago.

3. Go Pro

Go Pros have been around for quite a while now, but the buzz around them hasn’t been so important till now. This tiny camera is an excellent piece of technology, no other small camera has been able to produce videos with such great quality. The Go Pro is water proof (with the proper case) and extremely resistant making it the favourite gadget of extreme sports’ athletes.

The basic package comes already with a few attachments that you can stick it to your helmet, car, surf board or wherever you want, it just begs for your creativity.

The hashtag Gopro is very popular and there are a bunch of videos on youtube generation many views, so if you run a sports business this is a must have gadget.


This is the gadget of the future and Amazon is one of the most interested companies on this technology so quite possibly our parcels will be arriving by air on this fancy gadget any time soon. By now they are mostly used to record aerial videos and either they already come with high resolution cameras or you can attach a Go Pro.

Nowadays they are still a bit expensive and they require someone that can control them properly. However there are already a few companies and individuals from whom you can rent their know-how.

I can’t see better way to film an outdoor event that your business may organise. Nonetheless to say that these videos are extremely popular and trendy, the video below has nearly 10 million views. Be creative and your video easily becomes viral.

There are quite a few tools, apps, gadgets and platforms for your videos, just use your creativity and you’ll see your business promoting itself.

Pictures are still fun, but a good quality video can create a lot of engagement and generate more followers to your social media networks. And if you create a viral video, then the sky is the limit!

4 thoughts on “Why videos can become so important for your business

  1. Qué bien, Francisco, veo que esto del marketing online y el community management se te da genial. Estupendo artículo sobre la importante función que desempeña el vídeo en el mundo digital. Lo pondremos como ejemplo en las clases de videomarketing y youtube.


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  3. Muy buen post sobre herramientas de video, muy interesante y gracias por compartir esa información, algunas herramientas las desconocia. Obrigado


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