5 Twitter tools – Beginner’s guide

Browsing the web quickly you soon realize that you can find tons of tools that can help you grasping Twitter and maximise your presence and engagement.

The hard part is to select which ones to use and which ones suit best your purposes.

If you, like me, are a beginner in this world this list is for you. I am listing the five must have tools to your entry on the Twitter world.



1. Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck is a free tool that really quickly you realise is fundamental. This tool allows you to create columns that show your desired feeds in real time. You can create as many columns as you want. This columns will have the content that most suits your interests on what you want to follow. Let’s say that you are currently trying to see what people are talking about the new Iphone 6. Just create a column with #iphone6 and you can keep a close eye on what is the world’s opinion on the new Apple’s phone.

You can create columns for your mentions and notifications in order that you won’t miss anything that involves your presence on twitter, or for a specific user in order that you keep track on what your guru is saying on twitter.

Just take a few moments to create your columns and you now have a very powerful tool for engagement and manage your presence.

2. SocialBro

Socialbro is another must have tool. This tool is also free, however some of it’s features can only be used if you upgrade to a paid version.

This tool is quite useful to manage your account, this means that you can overview who you are following, who follows you and clean your account. For instance you can filter and see who doesn’t follow you back and decide if benefits you to continue to follow them.

You can also use a wide range of filters to search for new users who you might be interested to follow based on your interests.

The features of the free version are quite useful and the this tool provides you with a bunch of graphs, stats and general info about your account. You now understand better your presence on Twitter, and also important information about who follows you.

Might take a while to grasp all of it’s resources but is definitely worth it to put some effort on SocialBro.

 3. Buffer

Buffer is one of the most simple tools you’ll find but it’s importance is crucial. By now you should already know that one of the most important things on social media is to provide your followers with quality content, but you do not want to annoy your followers with bulk tweets at the specific time that you are online.

This is when Buffer becomes extremely handy, this simple tools allows you to define a schedule for your tweets. On the free version you can only add ten tweets to your queue, but on the beginning this will be more than enough.

Now you can dedicate a few hours selecting good content and add to your queue to be published for the next couple of days if you wish. Buffer really makes your life easier and even shorts your links automatically.

You can also add other social networks like Facebook.

In this tool less is more.

 4. Tweetbinder

 As soon as you land on a job as a community manager you will realise that stats are you life. Tweetbinder is a very interesting tool to follow hashtags, terms and trends and also who are their biggest contributors. Tweetbinder is free but as many other tools some of the features are only allowed to be used if you upgrade to a paid version.

Let’s imagine that now you manage the twitter account for a wine producer company. Just ask Tweetbinder to run a report on #wine and now you will find out the importance of this hashtag. On the unpaid version you can only see a report for under 2000 tweets, however is still quite a big number to understand the impact of the hashtag. You can also see who are the main contributors or influencers and who has the most original tweets.

Another great feature is to track all  the pictures attached to a specific hashtag, pretty useful if your company runs some sort of event and you want to gather all the photos taken.

5. Visible Tweets

This is not the tool you will use the most but nevertheless is very interesting. Quite simple, just insert an hashtag that you want follow and Visible Tweets will reproduce people’s tweets in full screen. This tool has a very good visual impact and can be interesting if you are watching a big event on TV since you can’t easly keep an eye on twitter.

If your company organises an event, just run this tool on big screens and you will see how people will start tweeting eager for their “15 minutes of fame”.

These are the five tools that I believe that can be very handy for whom starts their career as a Community Manager. There are quite many others out there but with these ones you will learn how to grasp Twitter rather quickly.

If you have others that you believe are worth to mention, just drop a line on the comment box.

Happy Tweets

10 thoughts on “5 Twitter tools – Beginner’s guide

    • Hi there! Hootsuite is an amazing tool, however I feel is more suited for an intermediate level also because you can add other social networks. Is more completed than the ones I have listed there, I believe for whom is starting these are easier to grasp.
      Thanks for your comment.


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